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    Die Cuts:


We will create the die lines for custom die cuts upon request.  Your artwork will be used a guide, but keep in mind that any image at the edge of the cut must have bleed.  Die cutting lacks the precision to cut exactly on an image edge.  If you want us to make a die template to which you can match your artwork, send us a provisional copy of your file.  We will create the die outline and send you a PDF file.  You must approve the die template before we have the die manufactured.  If you wish, you may create your own die diagrams in Illustrator.  There are four basic types of die:

  • Cut goes all the way through the paper
  • Score on folds to reduce paper cracking
  • Perforate for tear-away forms
  • Emboss to produce a relief of an image, with or without ink
Create 1-point, solid black lines for cuts; solid 1-point red lines for scores; dashed 1-point black lines for perforations.  Embossing dies require a different manufacturing process, so call us for instructions for your embossed artwork.  Be sure to provide us with the original, editable file.  We will probably have to make adjustments, depending on the press sheet.

Note:  Once a die has been manufactured, it may not be possible to modify it.  Dies can be very expensive, so please be very specific about your die cutting requirements to avoid having to pay for an additional die.