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If you are making a book (from hereon a "book" is any document with 8 or more pages printing on the same stock), use single pages placed side-by-side.  Do not attempt to make "printer spreads."  Our pagination system will automatically position the pages correctly.  Documents that come to us as printer spreads only add to our production time.  If you send a publication with a large number of pages as printer spreads, we cannot allow for "creep" or shingling unless we reconstruct the publication.  Similarly, if additional pages are needed, we will have to do a lot of extra manual work.  Some exceptions: 4-page documents may be set as printer spreads (4 & 1; 2 & 3).  Also, you can create covers as spreads in a separate document, if artwork wraps around the fold.  Do not gang business cards, post cards, or other flat pieces unless we have provided a diagram of the press sheet.  We almost always have to undo ganging because of problems with gutters, bleeds, numberup or other press considerations.