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    Exchanging Files - An Introduction to FTP:


Increased Internet bandwidth, the increase in the allowable size of email attachments, and portable document format (PDF) files, have simplified file transfer between systems.   However, due to the amount and size of files being transferred, it is oftentimes necessary to transfer files across systems using file transfer protocols, or FTP.   The term "FTP" can represent both a file transfer program, and the underlying protocol used to send data or files.

We prefer receiving print-ready PDF files.  However, we accept files from all major publishing software.  Please contact us concerning any questions you may have.

Naming your files

Prior to uploading your files, please ensure that a zipped filed is created and named.  File names should not contain special characters or embedded blanks.  An underscore may be used in place of a blank space.  Also, file names should not exceed 28 characters.

A few tips on preparing your files for upload

Please ensure your files have been checked for print readiness.

  • All images must be converted to CMYK.  No RGB images.
  • All fonts need to included, embedded, or contain the path structure.
  • All linked images must be included or embedded.
  • All image files must be a minimum of 300 dpi for quality print.
  • If your job is spot color, all colors need to be indicated as PMS colors (not CMYK).
  • Bleeds need to be set to .125" or more beyond the document guides
  • Ensure your layout has been checked for typographical errors or shifted imagery during preflight.
  • Delete all extraneous images outside the document margins.